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Foster Homes Needed!

Mighty Mutts rescues dozens of dogs each year.  Many of these dogs need long care,
special treatment due to their previous abuse.  Others, however, are perfectly fine and well adjusted.

These are the dogs who we need foster homes for!

Every healthy, happy dog which we can foster means that we have room for another sick,
scared unfortunate creature that really needs our special care.

By fostering a dog for us, you are helping us to save another needy animal!

If you are interested, simply e-mail us at for an application.

Remember, fostering is a commitment!
Most of our friends move into loving home within weeks, but some take a little longer.
Being bounced around from home to home is not good for the dog, so we are looking for people
who are willing to make a commitment for as long as it takes to get a permanent home.