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Mighty Mutts Mall
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  Imagine sitting at home with your newly adopted best friend.  What could possibly be better?  Well picture yourself sitting in front of the fire with Fido or Felix, reading a good book.  Meanwhile, your new companion is happily playing with all of the wonderful new toys which you bought him.  Why not be comfortable while your at it and wear your favorite sweater and khaki's.  To end the day, you can write to your friends while you look at your newest painting on the wall.

Sounds like the life, doesn't it?  Well now it can all be yours through Mighty Mutts!  Besides providing you with the perfect companion, we now can help you obtain all of the accessories of a comfortable, healthy life.  Mighty Mutts is affiliated with all of the fine merchants you see here.

Best of all, up to 10% of each purchase goes directly to help us!

So go on, be a sport! Pamper your pet, your loved ones, and especially yourself!  Best of all, there's no guilt because it's all going to a good cause!

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