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I Want To Sponsor A Mighty Mutt!

In order to activate your sponsorship, you must:

                            1) Complete this form.
                            2) Submit it.
                            3) Mail it with your first payment to:

Mighty Mutts Sponsorship Program
PO Box 150013
Kew Gardens, NY, 11415-0013

Here is my information:

First:  MI: Last:
Your Address:
Street: Apt. Num: 
City: State:  Zip:

Telephone Number: Area Code:   Number:

Who do you want to sponsor?:
Pick a Dog for Me!
Pick a Cat for Me!
No Preference

(If you have a particular animal in mind, please write its name on this form.)
Name of animal:

I want to sponsor at a level of:
($20 every month)
($60 every 3 months)
($120 every 6 months)
($240 per Year)

(Please Note:  Your sponsorship account will not be activated until you mail this form, with your first donation, to the address above.  When your account is open, you will receive an 8" x 10" of your sponsoree, along with his or her story.  You will also receive updates and a lovely picture of the new home when your sponsoree is adopted!)


Or you can now sponsor an animal completely electronically!