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Mighty Mutts Sponsorship Program!

Just think! For only $20/month, less than the price of two movie tickets, you can help to change the life of one special animal!

Each week, Mighty Mutts encounters many animal lovers, perhaps like you, who cannot adopt a dog or cat from us, but truly want to help stray animals.

Sponsorship is a new way you can help Mighty Mutts continue to rescue and care for these unfortunate animals.

I Want to Sponsor a Mighty Mutt or Meow!

Why should I sponsor a Mighty Mutt?

The average stay of an animal in our no-kill shelter is 10-12 months. Some animals require even more time because they must first be rehabilitated after previous abuse. It takes a great deal of money to care for these animals and your sponsorship of one animal makes it easier for us to care for others.

Mighty Mutts is a wholly volunteer, non-profit organization. Donations like yours are our only source of income and every cent you donate goes directly to the care and feeding of our animals. Mighty Mutts is a 501-(c ) -3 organization so every dollar you donate is tax deductible.

Our chief source of income is through donations. Needless to say, this makes our income very unpredictable. By sponsoring a dog or cat, you can lighten our financial load and allow us to plan for the future.

How do I sponsor a Mighty Mutt or cat?

It痴 easy!

Just contact us by email, call us, or mail us your name and address.

We値l send you a sponsorship package including an 8 x 10 picture of the animal which you are sponsoring along with his or her story. You can pick any animal you choose from our webpage or we値l pick on for you and keep you updated on it until he or she gets a new home. Then we値l send you a picture of the new happy family! Each month we値l send you a reminder and an update on our activities and at the end of the year, you値l get a statement of your donations for tax purposes.

You can even visit your sponsoree every week at Union Square and walk him or her!

How far does my $20/month go?

Each one of our animals is fed twice daily ($1.50). They are all fully vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, spayed or neutered, and fully examined by a veterinarian the moment they are rescued.

Doing the math, the yearly maintenance of one Mighty Mutt/Meow is:

$1.50/day x 365 days/year = $547.50
Average Veterinary Costs = $300.00
Our yearly cost = $847.50
- Your Yearly Sponsorship = $240.00

Your sponsorship donation of $20 per month will defray 25% of the total cost of keeping an animal and almost half the cost of feeding this animal.