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Did you know that you can sponsor a Mighty Mutt?

What is Mighty Mutts?

Hello, my name is Precious and I am able to speak to you today because of the dedication and unique philosophy of John and all of Mighty Mutts.

John had been trying to rescue me since 1986 and didnít succeed until 1993! He was able to get me at that time because I was becoming a little long-in-the-tooth and rusty. Iím glad he finally saved me! Although I was not adoptable, I lived a very happy life in the care of Mighty Mutts until I passed away at the age of 17 in 2003. I would not have survived much longer on the street and would never have known love if it wasn't for the Mighty Mutts volunteers. I doubt any other organization would have given me a chance either! But Mighty Mutts cared for me and guaranteed me a full life even though I was never able to get adopted. While other organizations would have put down a dog of my age, Mighty Mutts treated me like a queen! I even got meatballs and sausage for dinner every night while everyone else got dog food! (You see, age has its privileges!)

Thank you Mighty Mutts!

Each day, thousands of stray dogs and cats are forced to live in our city's streets, and alleyways and crawl about in desolate areas.

Alone, starving, and in desperate need of veterinary care, these poor creatures struggle day by day for their very lives.

Most are not spayed or neutered and will go on to bring many other puppies and kittens into their harsh world.

It is visions of these poor creatures that drives Mighty Mutts to help change all of this.

Mighty Mutts is a no-kill organization!

A wholly volunteer organization, we rescue stray dogs and cats from the streets to provide them with food, shelter and any needed medical treatment, including:

  • Full vaccinations for all dogs and cats
  • Treatment for internal and external parasites
  • Immediate spay/neuter
  • Screening all cats for FiV and FeLV

When brought back to health, these very special animals are made available for adoption to permanent, loving homes.

Although our limited facilities prevent us from rescuing all of the strays we encounter, we still do our best to make sure as many as possible are fed through our nightly feeding routes.

These routes help to give nourishment to dozens upon dozens of strays, seven nights a week, fifty-two weeks a year.

To find out more about our routes, or to give us a helping hand, please contact us at