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Cinder's Exciting Rescue!!!!

My name is Cinder and I owe my life to the brave Mighty Mutts volunteers! I was a "junk yard dog" since I was a puppy!  For two years i was left tied to a stake, with only a cinder block house for a shelter. I ate whatever i could scavenge and drank stale rainwater from a tire! That's when Mighty Mutts came into my life! They slowly gained my trust by feeding me and petting me everyday while they were also feeding stray cats on the "route." Then, when they gained my trust, they rescued me in a most exciting fashion!!!

These are the horrible conditions in which I was living. A life not even fit for a dog!!!

Karen, a Mighty Mutts volunteer rescued me!!

Now I am learning to love and to play and am looking forward to coming home with you!

Please click here if you wish to find out more about me and the rest of the Mighty Mutts!