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Please adopt us!

We were once all strays and now we are looking for good homes.
We are all fully vaccinated and neutered.
If you are interested in one of us, please go to our adopt page.
If you canít adopt one of us but still wish to help, you can sponsor a Mighty Mutt.
Visit us every Saturday at 14th Street and Union Square West in Manhattan.
Foster homes needed!



Special needs. Needs new home now!!!

My name is Apollo and while I am no god (I am a dog), I am a very loveable 1 year old pit mix. Iím really scared now, though, because my family put me in a boarding facility when someone got sick and couldnít take care of me also. Hereís the problem Ė I can only see things that are close to me, and forget about calling me because I wonít hear you. Iím completely deaf. Laura is the nice lady who is trying to help me get a new place and she visits me every chance she can so I donít feel alone. I love having her attention!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Apollo, please contact Laura at



I'm Blue - it's not my attitude it's my coloring!!! I was rescued from a kill shelter and it wasn't long before I was adopted about 2 years ago by a nice man. My dad got married and now they are going to have a baby and they donít have the time and attention I crave. I will lick you to pieces, I love people so much and I like other dogs. I want to be the baby of the family - will you be the one to take me hope and make my days less blue?

Blue is 4 year old, gray brindle and white pit mix, neutered male who has not spent a lot of time with other animals, but when we walked him with 2 other dogs, he did great. Blue should be the only pup so he can get the one-on-one affection he needs. We are seeking a foster/permanent home for him. Please email Michelle at



My name is Rosie and my story is a sad one. I was rescued from a puppy mill in Brooklyn that specialized in producing staffies for people who werenít exactly going to enter them at Westminster. Not only was I from the puppy mill, but at 18 months old, I was already part of the production line. Luckily, Mighty Mutts rescued me and though my experience made me kind of shy, I bond quickly and Iím very gentle. It wasnít long before I got a home, but now my family doesnít want me because they had a baby. Mighty Mutts stepped in and is helping to find me a new place to call home. Now I am 5 years old and I would really like to have someone patient and loving and has no kids since I would like to be the baby of the family.

If you are interested in adopting of fostering Rosie, please contact us.



Emergency foster home needed!

Hi! Iím Grady and Iím a really adorable staffie mix! You might be fooled by my serious expression, but I would tell you that Iím really just a goofy, laid back guy. Iíd like nothing more than a few walks or runs and then to snooze on the couch while we watch TV. Iím about 3 years old and clearly my last home didnít teach me anything, so I could still use some basic training. The good news is that my foster mom uses a crate and she says Iím good with that. Iím almost housebroken. I like treats, so training is fun! I really want nothing more than for someone to love me. I promise I will love that person with my whole heart and wiggle my entire stocky body for them every time they come through the door.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Grady, please contact us.



Emergency foster home needed!

Hi! As you can probably tell from my pictures, I have a sad story to tell. I was running in the park (and not doing well) and then I got trapped! It turns out that was a good thing though, now that I belong to a rescue group. I have mange that is being treated, I get 3 meals a day and Iím gaining weight really well. I have lymes disease but I take my medicine every day and am getting better. I had an old fracture on my left front leg, but thatís healed and doing okay. I had it rough, but the good news is I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone and Iím super sweet! (Okay, Iím a little over-excited, but itís great to have friends!) I like other dogs too, but I canít live with cats. Iím a little Am staff mix guy, only about 40-45 pounds once I gain all the weight I need. Iíd love for someone to spoil me to make up for those bad things. Will you be my someone?

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Pablo, please contact us.



Hi everyone-meet a little "ANGEL"...We named her this because she came to us through a great deal of divine intervention. ANGEL was dumped at a cemetery in East Flatbush...left to die in the cold. Based on the people in the neighborhood, they determined she had been out there a few weeks. With the help of a wonderful animal lover who oversees at the cemetery, we were able to catch her. She has been to the vet and he determined her to be about one year old. She is a female Beagle mix, approximately 35 lbs., and  very sweet. She needs a calm loving person who can help her to trust people again. She should be the only animal so she can be given the individual love and attention she needs. If you can open your heart to this little ANGEL I promise you will receive many blessings. 

if you are interested in adopting or fostering Angel
Contact Us!



They said I really couldn't stay, but baby it was cold outside!  As far as I know, that's how I wound up where I was, left tied to a fence in a Bedford-Stuyvesant park in the middle of the February blizzard (hence the name!).   With my color, I almost blended right into the snow, which is bad.  Luckily Mighty Mutts volunteers not ony have the hearts of lions, they also have eagle eyes!   They scopped me right up and made me safe and warm.  Now I'm looking for a home with someone slightly less forgetful than my former caregivers!  I'm a 1 year old male Lhasa Apso mix, about 18 lbs.  I'm still a little shell-shocked form my experience, but I warm up real quick to anyne showing a little TLC.  You could do that; right?



Yo!  I'm Dixie and I was just a typical chick from Brooklyn hangin' on the corner.  Could of wound up runnin' with a bad crowd, but New York's Finest were on the beat and weren't gonna hove none of dat, so they picked me up.  Loyterin's just a class D misdemeanor so they couldn't hold me but they didn't want to cut me loose either, so they brought me to a vet who contacted Mighty Mutts!  They've dealt with my kind plenty o' times; good hearted kids who just needed a break, and it always works out great!  I'm an eleven month old, 40 lb. Staffie/Pointer mix who's even got more brains than looks!  I'm real friendly and playful and if you take me home, all I ask is that ya remember the PBA every holiday!

if you are interested in adopting Dixie,
Contact Us!



Hi everyone-meet "RINA" (Her name means "JOY" in the Hebrew language). Rina was recently surrendered by a woman who left her outside for her entire 7 years of life! The woman apparently had 3 dogs(2 were allowed inside and poor Rina had to suffer outside alone). She is a real gentle soul and just needs a person/people to show her the loving ways of the world. She's very mellow and great with people and other animals.  Please help us find a Foster/Loving Permanent Home for this girl that is a pure "Bundle of Joy!"

if you are interested in adopting or fostering Rina,
Contact Us!



Mike was left for dead, chained to a dumpster after he was used as bait in a fighting ring.  A kind passerby rescued him, took him to the vet and he's thankfully convalescing with no ill effects from his ordeal.  He is very friendly, even with other dogs!  He is also obedient and understands many commands.  Unfortunately, the person who rescued him can not keep him.  He's a real special dog who needs a real special home.  Mike is a 2 year old male Staffie mix and he weighs about 60 lbs.

Mike is not a Mighty Mutt
If you are interested in adopting or fostering him please
email Nicole



Hi! I'm Cash, a chocolate lab-pit mix. I'm a sweet, energetic boy, who loves to have my belly rubbed, run with other dogs, and above all else go hiking and swimming (if you didn't know better you'd swear I was a fish). Because I was kept in the mud room for the first year of my life (otherwise I'd have been locked in the crate for 10 hours)I can be a bit anxious. So the city makes me a little crazy(i get a bit obsessed with bikes and skateboards and crowds overwhelm me)  My foster mom lives outside the city so i can run and play and be a good, happy boy. To stay that way I should stay outside the city. She says I need an owner who will make me feel the world is a safe place. 
Please open up your heart to me, I will love you more than you thought possible!

He is not good in crowds and a home outside of Manhattan would be ideal.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Cash please
email Shana



Midas, named after the king in Greek mythology who could turn things into gold with his touch, was found abandoned on a street near my house in Brooklyn.  He was very scared and tired.  We took him to the vet and made sure he got his shots, blood tests, and fecal tests.  Everything was fine.  Midas is furry like bear and very sweet.  He gets along just fine with my dog.  He has shown no signs of aggression.  He is quiet and doesnít get on the furniture.  He tries to be very compliant.  He has come a long way in the past week and I know he could be a wonderful dog if he was in the right home with someone who could give him love and stability.  I canít keep him because one dog is really all I can manage right now.  He holds his tail between his legs when he is uncomfortable or scared and has been afraid of my movements if they are too abrupt but in just 1 week he has started to feel much more comfortable around me.  He doesnít require a lot of exercise like my other dog but he likes to go outside.  He really is sweet and he really needs a foster or permanent home. 

Midas  is not a Mighty Mutt
If you are interested in adopting or fostering him  please
email Sarah



Hello, my name is Coffee and I'm extra sweet!  That's a real surprise considering that, when I was rescued, I was being dragged around with a chain and beaten with a baseball bat!  They must've been tea-totallers, cuz' I certainly didn't deserve that treatment.  After all of that, I love people! I love to give kisses and will sit for hours if you're petting me and giving me love. I'm a 3.5 years old female about 70 lbs., and I'm picky about the dogs I'll play with [I do like boys :) ] but if you take me home I'll love you for life!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Coffee  please
email Shana


If you can not adopt, Mighty Mutts has a number of special programs which allow you to provide
                   long term support at a level which is comfortable to you.