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Cat Adoption Center
Ollies Place
203 East 26th Street 
(off 3rd Avenue)
Open six days a week!
We were all once strays and now we are looking for good homes.

We are all fully vaccinated and neutered.

We are also tested for feline HIV and Leukemia.

If you are interested in one of us, please go to "ADOPT" on our home page.

If you can't adopt one of us but still wish to help, you can SPONSOR a Mighty Meow


We found Willie (or should I say, he found us!)  roaming the streets late one night.  Poor thing was very malnourished yet as friendly as can be.  The special thing about Willie is that he only has three legs.  He is missing one of his back legs, however; he gets around just fine and he loves to run and play. 
Willie has a very sweet disposition and would make a wonderful pet.  He is believed to be about 1.5 - 2 years old.  His veterinarian care is completely up-to-date.  Willie has already been completely vaccinated, neutered, and has tested negative for worms/parasites, FIV and FELV. 

Martae is not a Mighty Meow
If you are interested in adopting her,
Please email Margaret


I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, I'm sweet as honey and pretty as can be!  That's right, my name's Ali and I AM THE GREATEST!  I'm 7 months old and love to play all day long!  This ain't no rope-a-dope, I would make a great per, especially if I had a feline friend or two to play with!


My name is Abbie. I am about a 1 year old DSH (Domestic Short Hair) with a short fluffy black and white coat. My favorite treat is brushing. Other animals that I get along with include cats. Personality-wise I am sweet, mellow, and very loving. People-wise I prefer just about everybody. I like to sleep in a pet bed


 Hello there. My name is Arnie. I am about a 2 year old Domestic Short Hair with a short smooth black and white coat. My favorite treat is brushing. Personality-wise I am friendly, easy to handle, and mellow. People-wise I prefer just about everybody. I like to sleep in your lap.


Hello, my name is Anastasia and Im about 2 1/2 years old. I apologize for looking bored, but Im a princess waiting for my knight in shining armor. He will wisk me away and spoil me rotten as royalty should be. I have much love to give in return. Are you my knight?


My name's Benji. I'm 3 years old and very outgoing, curious and friendly

Bashful & Teddy

Hello World! A lady was smart enough to trap us with some food. No one roaming the streets could refuse that. She got our mom too. Our mom was put in a nice home and now we are looking for one two. We are about 8-9 months old now. As you can see from the picture we are still a bit timid. We will probably loosen up over time in a nice loving home. The lady who saved us can not have any animals in her building, but she is keeping us until she finds a home. She's so nice. Please help us and her by taking us home with you.


.Hello, my name is Bill. I'm looking for a new place to call home. It would be nice if I could be adopted with my friend Ted, but if you can only have one, pick me! I'm about 2 and am very playful.


He is a male 7-9 years old; declawed, neutered, sweet and gentle, and would get along w/another cat. Your help here is greatly appreciated. He needs a home ASAP

My name's Emily and I'm a 2 year old tabby who's very sweet and very beautiful.  I love to be held and sit in your lap


 Hello, I'm two and a half years and old very you-know-what!  I don't let that get to my head though, I'm also real friendly and outgoing!


Hi, we're Hector and Haiku.  Skipping the poetry,we were adopted as kittens and lived together for three years when our family decided to take a "vacation".  They actually took a poder and left us in the lurch!  We'd love to get a home together.  We're both ~ three and a  half years old and very playful!



Marta is about eighteen months old. She is a sweet young girl who loves affection. She took on the role of surrogate mother to Silas and his siblings when I first rescued them. Marta and Silas still eat from the same bowl at every meal. 
Martae is not a Mighty Meow
If you are interested in adopting her,
Please email Chris
or  call Michelle at 212-875-7538.

Marykate & Ashley

 We are 3 yr old sisters who are young, talented, extremely sweet, gentle and calm. We would love to stay together and we cetainly don't have any eating disorders!


We're two year old sisters who are a little shy.  That should be no surprise, since we've had nonbody to rely on but each other!  That's quicly changing now, once we get to know you, we're super-sweet.  Still, we'd love to go home together!



My name's Jake, and I'm a six year old male who's real curious and would love to follow you home!


Hello there. My name is Noodles. I am about a 3 year old Domestic Short Hair with a short smooth gray and white coat. My favorite treats are a snuggle and playing with toys. Personality-wise I am friendly, sweet, and love a lap. People-wise I prefer just about everybody. I like to sleep everywhere.


Hello, my name is Phantom. Sometimes I am so quiet that you dont even know Im. Sorry, but the camera startled me from my slumber. There is nothing wrong with my eyes. I love people and would like to be the one loving you. I promise never to be too good at hide and seek.


Purdy's my name and being purdy's my game! I'm a two and a half year old female who loves to play, but I can also be shy.  (I'm a cat, that's my perogative!)


My name's Tarot, and for a while my future didn't look good!  I was left without food or water in a palm-reading shop until I was rescued.  I must have had it very hard in my two years of life, 'cuz I'm still a little shy with people.  Once I get to know you though, I'm a real snuggler.  Why not ask about adopting me, I forsee a bright future for us!

Tarot is not a Mighty Meow
If you are interested in adopting her,
Please email Natalie


This is Silas. He's almost six-months old. He will soon be neutered. He's a real sweet and very affectionate boy. He is very used to being with other cats and dogs. 

Silas is not a Mighty Meow
If you are interested in adopting him,
Please email Chris
or  call Michelle at 212-875-7538.


Hello my name is Ted and I am 2 1/2 years old. I am a bit camera shy, so this is the best picture they could get of me. You will just have to come see me for yourself. 


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tigra. I am about a 2 year old DSH (Domestic Short Hair) with a short tabby black and fawn coat. My favorite treat is a snuggle. Personality-wise I am friendly and sweet. People-wise I prefer just about everybody. I like to sleep anywhere. 

Sophie and Frances

Hi, I'm Sophie (on the left) and that's my bud Frances on the right.  We were locked in a deserted deli with no food or water for a month before Mighty Mutts learned of our plight. I was pregnant and the babies were so malnourished that they died inside of me and I to almost died because of the experience. Thankfully, Francis stayed with me until we were rescued.  We're now safe and sound and waiting to be adopted. We are, no exaggeration, the sweetest cats you've ever met. We're also madly in love with each other and, after all we've been through, we couldn't bear being separated.  Please adopt us both and double your pleasure!


Please note, these are only a few of the which we have in our care!

If you want more information on any of the cats below, or, if you don't see your purrfect pal here, please contact us, we're sure to have a cat for you!

If you can not adopt, Mighty Mutts has a number of special programs which allow you to provide long term support at a level which is comfortable to you:


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