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Hello, My Name is Lucky!

Before, 12/97


Hello! My name is Lucky and I sure am! Those of you who are frequent visitors to ths site have been looking at my before picture for three months! You might well say to yourself "What an aweful sight on that site!" But you are now being rewarded by seeing Mighty Mutts' first cyber-puppy recovery! Just be aware that, for all of this technological wizardry, my recovery was accomplished by good old fashioned love, patience, and hard work, just like all of the other Mighty Mutts before me. John found me at seven months old in Coney Isalnd in the condition you see. I had the mange and was starving at a mere 23 lbs! I would have died if it wasn't for Mighty Mutts! I'm now fully recovered and weigh a healthy 40 lbs. Won't you please adopt me or one of my friends so that John can help others like me? If you can't adopt, please look into sponsoring one of us or seeing how else you can help!