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Welcome to the Updates Page!

At Mighty Mutts We Specialize in Happy Endings!!
This page is dedicated to giving you a few examples.

~ Exciting Rescues!!!! ~

Mighty Mutts gave me a Chance!

That's my name, Chance!  It's kind's ironic, 'cuz if it wasn't for Mighty Mutts, I wouldn't have had one! I was living in a crack-house in Manhattan with my friend Emma and it was a tough time.  We woudl literally have to fight over anything that looked like food that fell on the floor since we weren't being fed!  Emma was rescued first after a neighbor alerted Mighty Mutts. They only found out I was there later and, as you can see, they got me just in the nick of time!  I was emaciated and cut up, barely able to walk.  Now I'm on the mend and looking forward to a great new home!

Wait till you see me all fattened up...
and going to my new home
(I hope it's soon!)
I was just skin and bones when I was rescued

Hello, I'm Edgar

I'm a real little dog who was in a real big mess!  I was wandering around on my own in Astoria, Queens, with open wounds on my neck that needed over 30 stiches to close!  I was also dehrdrated and underweight and would have been a gonner if not for a lovely woman who not only took me in, but also paid my vet bills!  She couldn't keep me though, so Mighty Mutts stepped up!  Now I'm just waiting for my chance.  I'm a 3 year old terrier mix and I only weigh about 25 lbs., but I got a real big personallity and an even bigger heart!

At the vet's office when I was found.
All stiched up and lookin' to the future.
On the mend and ready for lovin'!

My name is Cinder

I owe my life to the brave Mighty Mutts volunteers! I was a "junk yard dog" since I was a puppy! For two years I was left tied to a stake, with only a cinder block house for a shelter. I ate whatever I could scavenge and drank stale rainwater from a tire! That's when Mighty Mutts came into my life! They slowly gained my trust by feeding me and petting me everyday while they were also feeding stray cats on the "route." Then, when they gained my trust, they rescued me in a most exciting fashion!!!

These are the horrible conditions in which I was living. A life not even fit for a dog!!!
Karen, a Mighty Mutts volunteer rescued me!!
And Maryanne, a volunteer, fell in love with me and took me home!



I was found in April of 1998 outside of a Post Office in Harlem.  Two Good Samaritans found me and inquired around the neighborhood .  What they found out was truly appalling!   I had been left behind in an abandoned basement for months, with nothing to eat but vermin and nothing to drink but water from a leaky boiler.  They knew what to do and brought me to Mighty Mutts!  At the time, I was only 27 pounds and in need of extensive medical care.  Needless to say, I also had severe issues of trust.  Other shelters would have given up on me, but Mighty Mutts had "Hope"! They worked hard for over a year to heal me, both inside and outside.  The volunteer who worked the hardest with me eventually fell in love and adopted me.  Now I'm living the good life in Florida, doing nothing all day but playing in the surf.  I'm proof that, as long as there’s  Mighty Mutts, there’s always Hope! 

When I was found, 4/98

Today: Catchin' some rays with mom!

Angel with a Dirty Face
I'm a real Angel, but you would not have known it when I was found!  My face was dirty, my halo tarnished and my wings were matted.  Fortunately, I had my own guardian angels!  Two sisters fed me and rescued me but unfortunately, I was found to be FeLV+.  You see, they already had cats and I couldn't come home with them,but they found a lovely lady to foster me.  Now I'm her guardian Angel!


It looked like Paradise Lost when I was found!

Mommy and me!
A pair of Angels!


I was found wandering the streets of Manhattan in the Fall of 2007.  I had really bad burns on my back caused by somebody who thought it would be fun to pour something all over my back!  I was only a pup of 6 months and was in a really bad way.  Even though I had never know kindness, I still trusted people and was smart enough to let Mighty Mutts rescue me.  Like they always do, they took me in and healed my wounds.  Luckily, my ordeal only left me with physical scars!  I'm still a happy, friendly and plyaful pup who is going to make a wonderful companion for someone.  Hopefully that day will come real soon!

Luckily, Cocoa's scars are only skin deep. 
He's just waitin' for some lovin' in a new home!


Holly was spotted in a park in Brooklyn in the summer of 2004.  She was only about six months old but had already been through the mill.  There was a long, horrible open would that ran down the length of her back.  Even the vet wasn't sure how it got there.  Was it a burn?  Was it inflicted by cruel people?  Was it caused by a racoon or a bird?  We'll never know, but the important thing is that Holly was rescued and now just has a scar.  More importantly, the scar is only skin deep!  Her spirit was never harmed and she's still a playful, frisky puppy who's now on the look-out for a new home!

Holly's injuries couldn't hurt her spirit!


Jimmy was found in an abandoned lot in Brooklyn.  At the time, his fate was also of interest to local "breeders" who thought he was a purebred Rottweiler!  After some convincing, the "experts" allowed Mighty Mutts to rescue him.  That was certainly a good thing!  Not only was Jimmy severly malnourished, he was also infested with mange, a parasitic skin infestation that often accompanies starvation and which, if untreated, can be fatal.  Fortunately Mighty Mutts is expert at treatig such ailments!  Jimmy is now right as rain and lookin' for a home.

Mighty Mutts founder John Contino gives Jimmy a medicated bath to cure the mange and then collects his reward!
And Jimmy get's his reward as he goes to a great new home!

The Most Famous Reindeer of all....

Did you notice that your holiday packages were a little late back in 1999?  That was because Santa wasn't hittin' on all cylinders!  He was missing the services of Rudolph, Comet, Dasher and Blitzen, the sweetest rein-dears that anyone ever met!  John found the quartet alone in an alley on Christmas eve, and it didn't look like they were going to be opening any presents the next morning.  Fortunately, with prompt medical attention and a lot of TLC, the foursome slowly recovered.  After a long wait, Rudy, the last of the group, found a new home in March of 2002!

Found starving and alone for the holidays.

On the road to recovery.

Dasher, the first to go home in June of 2001,....

...then came Blitzen in October,...

Comet in January, 2002,....

..and, last but not least, Rudolph in March!

The Brooklyn Five
Jailed for being canine in the wrong place and at the wrong time!





You’ve heard of the Chicago 7? The Birmingham 6? The Guilford 4?  Now meet the Brooklyn 5, Shultz, Duke, Nikita, Bobbie, and George.  All were sitting on death row, even though they had committed no crime.  They were taken off of the streets by the New York City Center for Animal Care and Control which euthanizes their animals.  Like many such shelters across the nation, if an animal in their custody is not adopted, or claimed in a short time, that animal will be put to sleep.  Some  escape this rule, however, most do not.  The Mighty Mutts five were among the later group, each having only a limited amount of time remaining before the end.  Fortunately, a caring lady effected their release into the custody of Mighty Mutts.
Now they have all of the time in the world!

Adopted 6/10/00
Thank You

Mighty Mutts!

Adopted 6/17/00

Adopted 11/00
Adopted ?

Adopted 7/00


Heartwarming Rehabilitations!

You’ve Got a Friend!

Hi, I'm Roberta and I've put up with a lot of Flack in my life! When I was just a young lass, I fell in with the wrong crowd and found myself alone and caring for six puppies!  Then John came along and helped me get on track!  I made sure that all six of my kids were doing well and making their own way in the world before I moved on.  Now I'm in a  new home, where I'll never be cold or hungry (or pregnant!) again! 
Thank you Mighty Mutts!

A mother's work is never done!

Roberta: Adopted 2/23/02

But they leave the nest too soon!

Leo (6/24/00)
Honey's Grandma adopted me!

Oscar (4/25/00),
I was the blue eyed charmer, now I'm livin' with a real Honey!

Delphi (6/17/00)

Willie  (7/2/00)

Tigerlilly (11/25/00)


Homer's Odyssey

I sing of dogs and a rescue! I sing of those who first came from Mightry Mutts to the streets of East New York to my aid! My name is Homer and I was found on Troy Avenue in Brooklyn. I was caught between the Scylla of hunger and the Charybdis of homelessness when my own Heroes came to my rescue! Now I am content to sit around philosophizing because my own Penelope and  Hector took me home, happily ending my Odyssey!


My old home, (There’s Scylla and Charibdus in the background!) 

Later that day, At sea and safe in the good ship Argo 

Today, with my Heroine!

Bus Stop

Mu name's Sunday and I was not happy with my lot in life. As a matter of fact, my lot in life was a parking lot!  I was living in a bus depot with another dog, Sidney, and we were purposely kept hungry because the boss hoped that, if we were starving, we would become mean watch-dogs (some hope!).  Every night, Mighty Mutts would try to feed us by tossing a bag of food over a ten foot barbed wire fence. We were happy when we got it, but most nights the night watchman found it first and threw it out!  I had my own ways though, and found a secret hole in the fence, which I would wiggle through and look for scraps of garbage.  One night, after three years, John finally found me on the other side of the fence.  I was very frightened, because a glass strewn lot was all that I ever knew and the watchman NEVER let me meet anybody else!  Well, I'm not afraid anymore, because, when John swept me into his arms, he introduced me to a life that I could have never even dreamed about.  I’m happy and healthy now, and I hope that someday Sidney will be as lucky as I am!

When I was found: frightened and unsure.

Where I was found: Ralph Kramden wouldn't recognize the place!

Today: My Mommy loves me on a Sunday and every other day too!


I was found in April, soon after Hope was found . While she suffered from neglect, I suffered from a
  different kind of abuse. I was used for breeding purposes and was abaondoned when I became t weak to   do my "job"! I became malnourished and developed the mange and would not have lasted much longer if    not for Mighty Mutts! It took almost two months to make me well but here I am.  Unfortunately, I was never really cured of my fear of strangers, so I couldn't come out and meet people and get a home.  Since Mighty Mutts is a no kill shelter, I did get to spend the rest of my days with my friends though.  I passed away in June of 2004, but I was happy, healthy, safe and warm for my whole life.

When I was found, 4/98
Afterfter months of TLC

Happy and content with my friend Spike, most importantly, I got to grow old!
Hi! I'm Elton!

I’m just the sweetest little thing that you will ever see! I came to Mighty Mutts through the efforts of a lovely lady who cared enough to help me! I was the “pampered pet” of a neighbor of this lady. I was left outside 24 hrs. a day, rain or shine, and was allowed to eat scraps and drink rain water! When my friend complained to my former owners, they said that they would take care of it and boy did they ever! They then locked me in the basement until I got sick and, not wanting to care for me, they threw me out into the street. My friend found me 2 weeks later, nursed me back to health, and came to Mighty Mutts to find me a new, loving home. Woun’t you be the one to adopt me?

When I was found 6/97

Three months later

Hello, My Name is Lucky!

Hello! My name is Lucky and I sure am! Those of you who are frequent visitors to ths site have been looking at my before picture for three months! You might well say to yourself "What an aweful sight on that site!" But you are now being rewarded by seeing Mighty Mutts' first cyber-puppy recovery! Just be aware that, for all of this technological wizardry, my recovery was accomplished by good old fashioned love, patience, and hard work, just like all of the other Mighty Mutts before me. John found me at seven months old in Coney Isalnd in the condition you see. I had the mange and was starving at a mere 23 lbs! I would have died if it wasn't for Mighty Mutts! I'm now fully recovered and weigh a healthy 40 lbs. Won't you please adopt me or one of my friends so that John can help others like me? If you can't adopt, please look into sponsoring one of us or seeing how else you can help!

Before, 12/97


How do you do? My name is Alice!

I was only eight months old when Mighty Mutts found me in December but I had already had a terrible life! Somebody had tied a rubber band so tightly around my tail that I almost lost it! On top of this I had a broken leg! Tail, leg, and dog are all doing well thanks to a lot of TLC from a loving Mighty Mutts volunteer. Now I've been adopted by a wonderful lady who has as much energy as I do! But there are still many of my friends who need homes! So please help support the Mighty Mutts and do what you can to see that stories like mine never happen again!

Here I am soon after I was found,with a cast and a shaved tail! Here is a close-up of the famous tail With my new mommy, or, a happy ending to the tail!
Hello everyone, I'm Josie!

I am one of the fortunate orphans that Mighty Mutts found and cared for. I know I'm smiling a lot, but I have good reason for it! At only 10 months, I was truly hopeless...I was suffering from mange, malnutrition, and exposure. Mighty Mutts cared when no one else cared. Now, I'm doing a lot of tail wagging since all the mange is gone!!!
I stayed with Mighty Mutts for almost a year because they knew that I had too much love to give to only one person.

That's why I now have three mommies!

Thank you Mighty Mutts for giving me a second chance! 

This is me when Mighty Mutts first found me... (1 wk after rescue - March 24, 1997) 

After 2 Months of TLC !(May 29, 1997)

Here I am today, smiling with my new mommies, Tanya, Allie and Jenine

Hi, I'm Moe

I was happily yucking it up on the streets with the other two Stooges, Larry and Curly. Suddenly our lives took a very serious turn when a group of local "youths" from the south Brooklyn area decided to play some games of their own with us. These "children" took pleasure in watching other beings suffer!!! They bludgeoned Larry and Curly with pipes and bats until they were almost unconscious. Then they stabbed and slashed me leaving me for dead! That's when John from Mighty Mutts came into our lives! He picked me up and put me in his car. Larry and Curley followed me right in because they were worried about me also!!. Our position was so desperate that even New York Newsday(6/28/95) ran a story on us!!

As sad as our story was, there was a very happy ending!!! We were adopted!!! There are many more like us still up for adoption and still living with John. You can click here if you want to find out more about the rest of the 'Mutts'. If you can not take one of us home with you please help any way that you can!! And above all please help to teach the value of life to others so that what happened to me will never happen again!!!

Moe after his terrible ordeal
Moe, completely rehabilitated

and in his loving home!

My name is Lughead

My life was very difficult while I was on the street. Like many strays, I was used to abuse and sickness. As you can see, I was not a pretty sight when Mighty Mutts found me! I was mangy and was being beaten away with a lugwrench when John found me. But he was smart enough and caring enough to see the beauty that was within me!!! It was a long hard struggle, but I soon became better. Thanks to Mighty Mutts strict screening process, I even found a home with people who care as much as John does! But there are still many other like me, so please come to Union Square in Manhattan on Saturdays and take one of my friends home. If you can not adopt an animal please click here to see how you can help.

This is me after Mighty Mutts saved me and tried to save my leg.
This is me with my mommy.
This is me today, minus one leg but much better off than I ever was before!
    I'm William

    My name is William, and I’m very glad to meet you. As a matter of fact, after what I’ve been through, I’m very glad to meet anyone!! Mighty Mutts volunteers first found me in June of 1996 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. I was new to the streets at that time and had taken up with a “bad crowd” of other street dogs. The Mighty Mutts volunteers fed us everyday as they waited for room to open up for us in the kennel. Like I said though, I was new to the streets and my new friends took all of my food. By August I was on my last legs. I could no longer even get up to get my food!! At that point, the Mighty Mutts volunteers picked me up and brought me to the vet. I was mangy, flea infested and weighed only 42 lbs!! The doctor said I would have had only a couple of days left!!! One of the volunteers took me home and within two months I turned into the sleek handsome devil you see below! I eventually decided to stay with the volunteer who rescued me (he has a REALLY PRETTY Shepherd mix named Daisy who I fell in love with!!!) Now I live with my owner, Daisy, and Lucy, who was another Mighty Mutt, and were one big happy family.

That's me in August, starving, mangy and fighting to hang on!
Here I am today! (Daisy and Lucy are taking the picture!)

We were found by Mighty Mutts in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn on the coldest night of the coldest winter in many years, 1996. It was four degrees outside and snowing heavily when John found us shivering inside of cardboard boxes in an abandoned alley. It was also the 39th anniversary of the plane crash which killed the Big Bopper, so that’s how we got our names, J.P. (Parker), Buddy (Holly) and Richie (Valens). . February was making us shiver and there was certainly bad news on te doorstep! In a word, all of us were just about to catch the last train for the coast. Fortunately, Mighty Mutts cared enough to come out and look for us on a night that was not fit for neither man nor beast .Now we are all livin’ our own rock n’ roll fantasies with our new families thanks to Mighty Mutts




Family Affairs!

Hi, I'm Boggie (formerly Big Boy) and I'm the very proud daddy of Good Boy and Jolly (don't mind the make-up, you know kids today!) You see, I was a very street smart dog and led John around for two years before I let him catch me. I was having fun! But I'm also real smart and after I sowed my wild oats I knew it was time to settle down and get a job, so I moved in with John and helped him run the kennel for a while.

Big Boy

(The Proud Papa!)

Then a wonderful lady came along and adopted me! You see this is a family affair in more ways than one because she had adopted Lenny, one of the very first Mighty Mutts! Lenny has since passed on and both John and myself want to thank my new mommy for all of the love and firendship which she gave to him and is giving me now!


I'm Jolly and I really am! Don't mind the picture, that was taken at Halloween. The brown fur is really a costume. Although I had a great dad, I wasn't always the life of the party. In fact I was painfully shy when Mighty Mutts found me. But they gave me lots of love and my mommy gives me lots more and now I'm the life of the party that you see here today!

Almost a reunion! 

Goodboy (left) and Bigboy (right)

Good Boy

John may not sometimes score points on originality as far as names go but at least they always fit! My dad is 85 lbs., my brother is happy go lucky and I'm..., well you get the picture (even though, as you can see, I'm still big enough to cause mischief!). My brother's the party animal, literally, and I'm the star pupil. I was always the best kid in the kennel and my parents are sproud of me they even gave me my own web page!

Bonnie and Clyde:
Mighty Mutts Most Wanted!
Hello, we're the notorious Bonnie and Clyde!  We're the rootin’ tootin’est
pair of desperado’s to ever cross the East River! At least that’s what the residents of Coney Island thought when they called the cops about a pair of  “vicious” dogs in an abandoned building.  Fortunately, New York's Finest knew that this crime wave was out of their jurisdiction, so they called Mighty Mutts!  Now we’ve been released on good behavior into the custody of new, loving homes!

Bonnie, hangin' with a new crowd

Clyde (left) with his new moll Eve (also a Mighty Mutt!)

Brooklyn Dogs Movin' on Up!

Tony (now Nissa) and Vinny were found in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in December. Like any Boyz from the 'hood, we were hangin' on the corner when Mighty Mutts rescued us. We was unlicensed, unvaccinated and very unbathed! We didn't know any better but Mighty Mutts did and we sure learnt quick. Now we've both moved on uptown. Tony on the upper west side of Manhattan and Vinny on the upper east side. Real Ritzy! Now we're dapper, pampered, and even loining to talk good English!

Top: Just after we wuz rescued, cruisin’ and lookin’ for homes

Left: Nissa (formerly Tony) and family in for a visit.

Right: Vinny and his new mommy and new best friend, Baby, (sorry Tony, you know how it is, you find a girl and don’t hang out with the old gang any more. 

Click here to see more

Happy, Happy Homes!

Did you know?

We (dogs, cats & volunteers!) meet every Saturday in New York City's,
Union Square! Come visit us!!!

(corner of 14th St. & University Pl.)